The 2017 Group Training Program kicks off on March 12th with training beginning on March 20th. PRTC is providing two programs, sprint and olympic, to get PRTC members ready to race the St Mary’s Triathlon on June 17th. The training programs will run for 12 weeks with 2 group sessions a week. The typical group sessions will be a swim on Tuesday or Friday and a brick (bike-run) on Saturdays. Participation is free for PRTC members. Membership costs for 2017 is $35.

The kick off meeting will be held on March 12th at the Lexington Park Library! Training plans will be provide to all participants at the meeting.

Please fill out the form to officially sign up for the program.


Not interested in participating in the program but would like to host a session. Please sign up using the following document to lead one, two or many sessions.