KidsTri Equipment To Bring

Suggested Equipment

  1. Goggles (Recommended – in fact bringing an extra pair is a good idea too!)
  2. Running shoes (Or whatever shoes you will bike and/or run in)
  3. Socks (Would recommend unless you’ve trained without them)
  4. Shorts (If you’d like to put on after the swim)
  5. T-shirt (If you’d like to wear one after the swim)
  6. Bike Helmet** (MANDATORY)
  7. Bicycle (Hard to bike without it)
  8. Towel (to use in transition – lay stuff on and can bring an extra to dry off after swim)
  9. Sunscreen (Protect your skin! A sports one will stay on better – and use a face one for your face since when you sweat it might run into your eyes and you don’t want it to sting)

Optional Equipment (not required, but don’t forget these if you want them)

  • Swim Cap (Some kids like to keep their hair out of their face when swimming)
  • Biking Shoes (If you have them for your bike don’t forget them!)
  • Water bottle for bike (If you have a water bottle cage on your bike bring some water)
  • Race belt (You attach your bib number to this and makes it quick to put on for the bike)
  • Hat (e.g., ball cap, for the run – to help keep you cooler in the heat)
  • Watch (to know your time during the race if you want to keep track)