Pax River Tri Club membership runs annually January 1st – December 31st and costs $35 Individual, and $50 Families.

What is the membership money used for?

The annual membership money is primarily used to register the club with the United States of America Triathlon Governing Body (USAT) and to purchase club insurance.

USAT Registration

All USAT affiliated clubs pay fees to join in the process of contributing to the general improvement and development of Triathlon in the United States. USAT control and direct our sport, bring order where otherwise there may be chaos, facilitate a plethora of sport-specific initiatives from Coaching Standards and Development through to Youth Development and Race Rules coordination. Contrary to the belief of some – this does not come for FREE!

Club Insurance

General Liability Coverage and Directors & Officers Coverage are required to ensure our members and officers are protected. The General Liability (GL) and sport accident policy covers each club member during all club calendared activities. Whether it’s a morning run, weekend bike ride or meeting, all club members are covered in the event of injury during these activities. Club Directors and Officers Coverage provides protection to the club directors and officers in the event that club directors or officers are held personally liable for any wrongful act, error or omission in their capacity as a director, officer, and employee or volunteer. It also provides protection for our Club if named as a defendant in a lawsuit.

Benefits of Joining the Patuxent River Triathlon Club

The number one reason to be part of any triathlon club is to support the infrastructure and development of our sport. In addition to this we believe there are many other benefits of joining the Patuxent River Triathlon Club, it’s hard to describe them all but here are a few of the obvious ones.

  • General Liability (GL) and sport accident insurance covering each club member during all club calendared activities
  • 15% discount at Bike Doctor Waldorf, Patuxent Adventure Center and Serge Performance Cycles (excludes Bikes and Kayaks)
  • Clinics and workshops
  • Access to training partners
  • Weekly training runs and rides
  • Social events
  • Open water swim training with Kayak Support (Kayaks provided by Patuxent Adventure Center).
  • Vast depth of experience within the club in all distances. Plenty of advice to be had!
  • Informal, fun atmosphere
  • Support and camaraderie on race day
  • Opportunities for involvement in the community both inside and outside of Triathlon.