Swim Stroke Video Session

January 13, 2018 @ 10:30 am – 12:00 pm
St. Mary's College Aquatic Center
St Marys City
Simon Richardson

Freestyle Stroke video session
Available to any paid club member to have their freestyle stroke filmed. This pool has glass panels to allow filming of the stroke underwater.
You will need goggles and performance swim attire for best evaluation. Board shorts do not work very well for this activity. Please wear a swim cap if you have long hair. I will bring some spares.
Expect to swim a few laps to get warmed up before you are filmed.
If you can’t swim very well, that’s okay, tI am not a coachhere will be people to help get you started.
I have one GoPro camera and my cell phone. If anyone can bring (borrow) a GoPro type device it would really help. We may need to split up into groups to video each other depending on how many show up.
I am not an expert, so if you know a swim coach who is willing to donate some time to provide instant analysis and feedback, please ask them and let me know.

Before coming to this event please go to http://www.swimsmooth.com/ and learn about the different types of swimmers.
At the very least, we can determine your swim type and create a plan for your limiters.

Be prepared to pay $5 (I think) to access the pool.

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