2018 Board of Directors

Mark Deluca

I grew up in northern New Jersey and served 21 years in the Air Force as a pilot.  I’ve been married to Sarah for 28 years and we have three wonderful children. In 2006, we moved to Southern Maryland, where I work for a small contractor as a systems engineer supporting programs at NAS Patuxent River, MD.

I’ve been a sports fan my entire life, played baseball and soccer in high school and kept active ever since. In 2013 my wife signed us up for swimming lessons. We loved it so much, we signed up for more. Soon after, I got back into running. Three months later, I won my division
in my first two 5k races. When a friend told me he was getting into triathlons, I decided to give it a try. My first race was the NAS Patuxent River sprint in June 2014. Upon crossing the finish line, I was completely exhausted, but I was elated — I had never trained so hard and for so long and given everything I had for one race. I was hooked!

Triathlon is now my passion! I love that I am constantly finding that I can do things that I had
previously thought were impossible for me. I’m a very slow swimmer but do reasonably well on
the bike and run. I’m always looking to get better and devour anything I can find to read on
nutrition and training. I joined the club hoping to learn from more experience triathletes and my
hopes have been greatly exceeded. By serving on the board, I hope to help others to become
better triathletes themselves.

I’ve raced in every triathlon distance, completing my first full Ironman, IM Maryland, in October 2017.  I also compete in duathlons and running races and aspire to complete my first ultra in 2018.

Tom Fisher
Vice President

I was a lifetime New York resident, growing up in the Hudson Valley, until my family and I moved to southern Maryland in November 2017.  I have been married to Stacey for 14 years and we have to lovely children, Rachel (11) and Reid (6).  We currently live in Piney Point after living in Lusby for 6 years.

I am the Athletic & Recreation Center Director at St. Mary’s College of Maryland.  In that capacity, I manage the day-to-day operations of our facilities to include supervising our student employees and coordinating the outside rentals of our facilities.  In addition, I served as the Head Cross Country Coach for nine years until stepping down in November 2017.

As the cross country coach, I have partnered with Rip It Events to host the St. Mary’s Historic Half Marathon & 5K and Virginia Maryland Triathlon Series to host the St. Mary’s Triathlon Festival.  Both of these events serve as fundraisers for the cross country program and we have appreciated the support from the southern Maryland endurance community.

My experience in endurance sports started up graduation from college.  It started with local 5k’s and 10k’s and quickly progressed to half marathons and marathons.  To relieve some of the stress that my body has endured, I turned my focus to triathlons after some coaxing from my in-laws.  I have completed triathlons at all the major distances, highlighted by crossing the finish line of Ironman Maryland in 2015.  I am currently training for Rev3 Quassy HIM with the hope of competing in the 2019 Ironman Lake Placid for my 50th birthday.

I currently serve as an Ambassador for Rip It Events and the Virginia Maryland Triathlon Series and I can provide discount codes for their races.

Doug Sullivan

Growing up just outside Boston, every Patriots Day, I walked with my parents, brothers, and sister to the route of the Boston Marathon to cheer the athletes as they ran past. Despite the inspiration that event provided, I was an average athlete in high school, and ran only when forced to by coaches.

Upon joining the Navy, however, I was introduced to a new level of forced exercise, and I completed OCS in good physical condition. Determined to maintain some level of fitness, I trained for and completed my first marathon. Since then, I’ve completed five more marathons, including the last four Marine Corps Marathons, and I have a goal of one day qualifying for and completing the race I remember watching as a kid. I’ve also completed numerous 5K, 10K, and half-marathons.

After leaving active duty, I arrived in St. Mary’s County in 2009 to take a job on base. I am a novice triathlete, having competed in only one triathlon (Pax base tri in 2017); however, I truly enjoyed the challenge and the variety in training on the bike and in the pool. I’m excited to compete in more triathlons this year, and I look forward to improving my skills with the help of the more experienced athletes in the Club.


Kerri Richie

I grew up in Central New Jersey, went to college outside of Boston, and landed in Maryland to work on the base as an engineer.  I met my husband Chris the day I found my first apartment.  He and I have been married for almost 20 years.  We have one furkid, an Italian Greyhound named Cody.  Chris and I are both flight test engineers on base.

Growing up I was always playing outside whatever game the boys were playing, including tackle football.  I was the neighborhood tomboy, even being considered a boy when we would pick teams.  I was never super athletic though, especially when it came to doing something for endurance (like running further than around the bases, LOL).  In my 30s I started running to help keep my weight in check.  I hated it most of the time.  I would run the Hospice and Pet Day 5Ks because they were good causes.

In my mid 40s, a switch flipped in my brain and I became more of an athlete.  My arm was twisted into doing the Warrior Dash and my obstacle course race career began.  After nerve compression in my elbow temporarily limited my other exercises,   I started appreciating and even enjoying running. I did my first 10K, which led to a half marathon, which led to the Marine Corps Marathon in 2015.  In 2016 I was convinced to do the NAS Patuxenr River sprint triathlon with one week of prep.  The swim was UGLY.  I was the last person out of the pool by over 100m.  I vowed to improve in 2017.  I had a plan to crush the St. Mary’s Sprint triathlon, but health issues that required several minor surgeries limited my training, especially my time in the pool.  Even so, I did my first open water triathlon 10 days prior to my 50th birthday.  I plan to be super ready for St. Mary’s this year!

By serving on the board I hope to inspire other triathlon newbies that the sport can be accomplished no matter the age you are when you start.  I also add the perspective of a lesser experienced triathlete when we determine activities and priorities for the club

Open Position
Event Coordinator