2016 Updated Membership Dues

The Board recently approved some changes to membership dues requirements.  Below summarizes those changes:

1.  We now offer discounted dues fees for new members who join the club between July 1st and December 31st.  The discounted fees will be $20 for Individual memberships and $30 for Family memberships.  The discounted rate does not apply to renewals or former members who leave and then rejoin the club.  New members joining between January 1st and June 30th will pay the standard rates of $35 and $50, respectively.

2.  On July 1st, we will turn off the Meetup “Dues” feature (which was never active) and will resort back to using club meetups to collect yearly dues payments.  These will be set-up on a yearly recurring basis and will allow members to use PayPal from within Meetup to renew their dues.

3.  Current members who are in a “Trial” status and who have not paid their initial dues must make their dues payments prior to the end of their 60-day trial period to retain their club membership.  You can view your membership status on the Meetup website under the “Members” tab.  Please make your payments via “PayPal” using the email paxrivertriathlon@gmail.com.  Please send an email to mcquaygn@gmail.com with your PayPal transaction information as soon as you make your dues payment so that we can update our members records accordingly.


Gary McQuay
PRTC Board of Directors – Secretary

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